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FDC celebration of Mother’s Day

On the occasion of the celebration of Mother’s Day, revealed the largest postage stamp in the world, is dedicated to the «mother Emirates» Sheikha Fatima girl Mubarak, in honor of the achievements of Her Highness in various fields on the local and regional levels, have been recorded character in the Guinness «Guinness» World Records , where the length of the new character meters and 36 centimeters, with a width of 17 meters and centimeters, has been taken into account in its implementation to achieve the highest international standards and specifications used in the implementation of commemorative stamps. Lead character of the house of the hair of the President of the Board of Trustees of the Family Development Foundation, Ali Salem al-Kaabi, the text «mother Emirates spirit and body .. Ela her hands all Hmokh to time.» And reached the previous record, and was the Dutch character length of 66 cm, width 49 cm, are reported to the Regional Director of the Encyclopedia «Guinness» in the Middle East, Talal Omar.

AndSheikhNahyan binMubarak Al Nahyan, Minister ofCulture, Youth andCommunity Development,President of ZayedUniversity,during the celebrationwitnessedin front ofHall«motherEmirates»inthe conference centerat theZayedUniversityin Abu Dhabi,yesterday morning,tothe greatprestigeoperated by«motherEmirates»SheikhaFatimagirlMubarak,Presidentof thefamily Development Foundation,Chairperson ofthe Women’s UnionTopGeneraland Chiefof motherhoodand childhood,inthe hearts of thepeople of the UAEbutrepresenta uniquetitle for thelove,and the meaning ofexceptionalMotherhoodnotTefihlanguagerightin the descriptionand expression,pointingto thepride ofthe people ofthe UAEdistinctmessagethatread themalwaysinwork«motherEmirates»venerablecarried out, takinginto their own handsandimprovetheir livesandachievetheir hopes andboosttheir footstepstoforwardallthe pathsof development.He pointed out thatthe patronage of HH«motherEmirates»for theefforts and initiatives ofyoungupdateby theEmiratigirl,reflect the extent ofHer Highnessfuture generationscardsconfidentwomen,andreinforcethe strong commitment ofthe stateof the human factordevelopment,and the commitment ofleadership capacityfor future generations,andto buildbridges of dialogueglobalpeaceful coexistenceDevelopmentandthe exchange of ideasbetween different cultures.And returnsthe largestpostage stampin the worldinitiativebears the slogan«motherEmirates»,theeditor in chief ofthe educationalEmiratesguide,KhadijaSaifAl Shehhi,and Salehal-Naimi, in collaboration with«Emirates Post»,and theFamily Development Foundation,a group,andpointedShehhithat «motherEmirates»HHSheikha FatimagirlMubarak,a model forwomen throughout theworld, and this isthe leastwhat we are doingcompared toBataúhaand achievements,and we hope thatthis simplegiftbe aresponseeven for afewofthe beautifulandthe acknowledgmentby the«motherEmirates»Emiratesandpeopleof the UAE.And raised thegeneral manager ofthe Family Development Foundation,MaryRumaithi,versescongratulations andwishesto«motherEmirates», on behalf ofChairman and members ofthe Board of Trusteesof the Family DevelopmentFoundationandall the staffand employeesFoundation,whoare happytodayto be partnersin this globalachievement,andadded that«Hairdrafted byHouseChairman of the Boardof Trustees of thefamily Development Foundation,Ali binSalemAl Kaabi,issuedcharacter,expresseddeepthanks and appreciationfor the great effortsmade by theefforts(orUAE)Sheikha FatimagirlMubarak.»

He explainedDirector of Zayed University,Dr.Sulaiman Al Jassim,that the issuance ofcharacterMemorialextraordinaryAlmsdanbehalf«motherEmirates»,Her Highness Sheikha FatimagirlMubarak,on the International Dayfor the mother,asingle phrasein a bigstatementto the feelings oflove andappreciationand fulfillment,whichcherishherEmiratespeople, valuingkeen«motherEmirates»todrive thedevelopment of theuniversities, including theZayedUniversity,and to encouragestudentsto meetthe educationaland cultural challenges, referring to thehistoric roleofHer Highnessinthe empowerment of womenand enhance their roleineducation and employment.

TheGroup Chief Executive ofEmirates Postby proxy,FahadAl Hosni:«honorEmirates PostGrouphonored(orUAE),Her Highness Sheikha FatimagirlMubarak,mediatedinnovationlargestpostage stampin the worldin honor ofHer Highnesson the occasion ofMother’s Day».


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