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Emirates Post releases stamps based on Arabic Coffee tools

 Emirates Post releases stamps based on Arabic Coffee tools

Name of the Issue Arabic Coffee Tools
Release Date 24 Dec 2013
Denominations AED1, 150 Fils, AED 3, AED 4
Souvenir Sheet AED 10
Size 27×40 mm in sheets of 10 stamps 
Designer Emirates Post Group in cooperation with Mrs. Tania Oaks 
Printing Method Offset
Printer Cartor Security Printing – France
Quantities Stamp 50,000 each/ S.Sheet 6000

Emirates Post has issued a set of special postage stamps on tools used in the making of Arabic coffee.

The stamps, issued in denominations of Dh1, Dh1.50, Dh3 and Dh4, are available in all main post offices in the UAE.
The stamps highlight the various tools along with their original Arabic names, such as ‘Al Tawa’ and ‘Al Mehmas’ that are used in roasting coffee or to lift bread from a hot surface; ‘Al Menhaz’ and ‘Al Rashad’ which are used for softening and thinning coarse food and grinding the coffee, ‘Al Dallah’, the traditional vessel or pot in which Arabic coffee is boiled and poured from and ‘Al Fenjan’ the vessel into which the coffee is poured.
“For many centuries, Arabic coffee has been much more than a hot tonic, it is an art, a lifestyle and a tradition that goes back to ancient times,” said Ibrahim bin Karam, the Chief Commercial Officer, Emirates Post Group. “We are proud to raise awareness of the age-old tools that have been used for making Arabic coffee through these stamps that will preserve their memory for future generations.”


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