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Emirates Post issues special stamps on Arabian Oryx

Emirates Post has issued a set of special stamps on the Oryx in the UAE. The stamps, which come in denominations of Dh 3, Dh 1, and 150 Fils, along with a distinctive souvenir sheet for Dh 15, are available in all UAE post offices.

“Emirates Post Group has always supported efforts toward environmental and wildlife conservation. These stamps reflect our belief that the Arabian Oryx is a species that needs to be preserved along with a number of birds that are unique to this part of the world,” said Ibrahim bin Karam, Chief Commercial Officer, Emirates Post Group. “We hope to take this message to the whole world through these stamps.” The Arabian Oryx, one of the largest desert mammals in the Arab region, has been an important part of the Arabian heritage throughout history. Also known as wild cows, the Oryx are large antelopes that weigh between 80 to 100 kg and stand nearly 1.5 metres tall at the shoulder.

Although the Oryx is famous for its stamina, it cannot run very fast, making it easy prey for hunters. Historically, the Arabian Oryx was found in two major subgroups that roamed freely in the northern region of the Arabian Peninsula and the Empty Quarter. In the UAE, the Oryx is found in Western Region areas of Al Dhafra and Liwa up to the Empty Quarter. – Emirates News Agency, WAM


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