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Emirates Post issues set of commemorative stamps for the race to lock

Tabaan Osdarhama Emirates Post to lock the occasion of the race (from the source)
Posted: May 26, 2012

DUBAI (Union)-Emirates Post issueda new setof commemorative stampsofAEDclassone,and5 dirhams, in addition toa distinctivecommemorativecardworthAED 15,on the occasion ofthe organizationto lock theracethe 22shipssailing60 feet,which was launchedunder the patronage ofHis Highness Sheikh Hamdanbin Mohammed bin RashidAl Maktoum, Deputy Ruler ofDubai and UAE Ministerof Finance.This versioncomesin coordination with theDubai InternationalMarine Club,organizer of theannualraceto lockwhich closeswater sportsseason.Thenew stampsare availableto allEmirates Post officesas of yesterday.Envelopeandthe first day ofthe issuance of$ 7dirhams.

Abdullah saidthe ashramExecutive Director ofmailduring a press conferenceyesterdayto announce theissuance ofa new characterthatEmirates Postis keen totake care ofand support forall activitiesand sportstournamentsthat are heldonstate land.He added, “This is theversionof usparticipateinspreading awarenessaboutthisheritagewater sport.”Duringthe press conferencedeliveredby His Highness SheikhHamdan BinRashid Al Maktoum,a commemorative giftincludesthe full rangeof theversionpresented byAbdullahashramin the presence ofa number ofsenior officialsin the mail.

Representsto lockorSirPoracereproachembodiment of thefestival, which wasexperienced byparents and grandparentsin the pastwhen itcomes up fora return tothe homelandafter the end ofthe diveand tradetrips.Andinvolving100 shipsracing toa distance of about51nautical miles,andrequires considerableefforton the part ofthe organizing committeein controland keepparticipantsfromanydangers that maysurround them, especially fromthe giantbargesthat roam theGulf


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